Whenever you visit a website you might have observed HTTP or HTTPS at the starting of the page address. Before we explore what are these two, let’s have a look at what we call a ‘protocol’. In general, a protocol is a set of rules defined to carry out a …

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What is an Arduino?

Arduino is an open-source hardware and software company. It designs single-board microcontrollers to control electronic devices. The microcontroller board itself is called Arduino and in this article, we will refer to the board itself by the term ‘Arduino’. So what exactly the Arduino is? In simple words, Arduino is a …

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Language Processors

Language processors – Compiler, Interpreter and assemblers

Language processors are software that translates text written in one language to another language. There are hundreds of programming and scripting languages as of now. Code written in these languages is generally written in some sort of English keywords and special symbols. But the computer doesn’t understand that directly. A …

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