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CodeVocab is an online platform to learn coding with ease. We provide complete tutorials (from basic to advanced) of various programming and scripting languages. It aims at different languages along with the frameworks and CMS (Content Management System). 

We provide the tutorials in the easiest possible language so that a maximum number of people would be able to learn from them. Here you can find a large number of categories including the most popular programming and scripting languages like PHP, JavaScript, C++, Python, and the list goes on.

Coding could be a daunting task if the concepts are not understood clearly. That is why we make the content with the intention to make the concepts clear to even the absolute beginners. 


Tutorials of different programming languages step by step. That too in simple language

Sample Programs

A ton of Sample programs of C, C++ and Python to learn practically. Copy the program and learn by edit it.

Technical articles

A number of articles related to computer science. For example- what is computer programming, what is a website and a lot more.

Interview Q/A

Questions and Answers for interview preparation on various topics like PHP, MySQL and CodeIgniter.

Recent Posts

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Python Dictionaries

In Python, a dictionary is a collection type that is used to store data in the form of key-value pairs. A dictionary is ordered, changeable, and does

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