Introducing Carbon: A new programming language by Google.

Introduction to Carbon: A new Programming language by Google

Google has recently launched a brand new programming language named ‘Carbon’ or ‘Carbon-Lang’. It is an experimental language created to be a successor to C++. Chandler Carruth, a Google engineer first introduced Carbon at the CPPNorth conference in Toronto in July 2022. In the past years, we have seen many new programming …

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Whenever you visit a website you might have observed HTTP or HTTPS at the starting of the page address. Before we explore what are these two, let’s have a look at what we call a ‘protocol’. In general, a protocol is a set of rules defined to carry out a …

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What is an Arduino?

Arduino is an open-source hardware and software company. It designs single-board microcontrollers to control electronic devices. The microcontroller board itself is called Arduino and in this article, we will refer to the board itself by the term ‘Arduino’. So what exactly the Arduino is? In simple words, Arduino is a …

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