How to get Google AdSense approval

How to get google AdSense approval for a website?

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a service of Google that places ads of businesses on different websites. These ads are administered by Google itself and it pays the website owner for every ad click and for every certain number of ad impressions (Depending upon the country of the ad viewer).
This advertising program was launched in mid 2003 by Google and is currently the most popular advertising program on the Internet. It provides a good opportunity for webmasters and site owners to monetize their traffic.

So, if you have a website, you can also apply for a Google AdSense account and start earning. But their is a certain procedure, following only you can get the approval.

Why Google pays you for the ads displayed on your site?

Let us take an example. Suppose I have a coaching institute and I want to place a banner on some wall. If I want to place a banner on your house, you would charge some money. Now if there are two people, one is having his house in the middle of a market and the other is having in a remote location(Say a village). Whom should I choose?

Obviously, I would prefer to choose a house which from which a larger number of people would easily see my ad.

The same is the case with Google. There are millions of websites out there, but Google gives the approval to display Ads only to those websites which have nice informational content and gets some daily traffic.

Getting approval from Google AdSense

Getting google AdSense approval is not that easy. I myself got rejected a couple of times, but finally, I got the approval.

Register on Google AdSense

To get the approval you first need to have an account on google AdSense. Go to and click Get Started. You then need to sign into your Google account by which you want to join AdSense. Once your account is created you need to add your website through which you
want to get the approval. But wait! Don’t add your site now because you need to verify certain things which I will tell you.

Note: A person can only have one AdSense account. Creating multiple AdSense accounts is not permitted by Google.

Things to verify before adding your website to AdSense.

You should verify that your website is complying with the following things failing which your AdSense approval application will be rejected.

Have a decent number of unique articles

Your website must have a decent number of high-quality unique articles (Say 20-30). Each article must contain a minimum of 1000 words. You should verify that the content on your website is purely original and has not been copied from some other website. You can check through Simply, add the URL of your web page and click Go. After a few moments, it will tell you whether your content is unique or it has some copy on the Internet.

Your content should not be on the restricted list

This one is very much important. Most of the people don’t take it seriously before they create their website. Google does not monetize on some restricted content. If you include any of the restricted content in your website, your AdSense account will not get approved.

Make sure that your content should not be about anything related to adult content, terrorism, guns, explosives,
recreational drugs, and online gambling.

Your website should have a good architecture for different devices

A website that fits according to a device’s screen size is called a responsive website. If you have made your website with WordPress, chances are there that the theme that you have used is already responsive. If you have made your website with scratch using any server side scripting language or any MVC framework, then choose a good responsive template or make your own(if you can) for the front end.

Your website should not contain broken links

A broken link is a hyperlink in a website that is linked to a non-existent external webpage. When a broken link is clicked, an error message is displayed. As broken links potentially led to bad impressions and unprofessional images in the mind of website viewers, they have to be tackled immediately by website developers and designers.

A broken link is also known as a broken hyperlink or a dead link. Having broken links in your website results in low Search Engine Ranking and reduces the traffic to your website.

If you want to check for broken links in your website, there are plenty of online tools out there. For example

You can use any of these online tools and fix the broken links(If they exist).

Never use Copyrighted images on your website

Make sure that you are not using any images that have copyrights. Don’t just copy and paste images from Google.  If you don’t want to purchase some images, there are some free tools from where you can create the banners, thumbnails or featured images for your website. Examples of these tools are or

Include these essential web pages

Make Sure that your website contains these pages

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Disclaimer

Your website should load fast

Website speed plays a very much important role in Search Engine Rankings as well as in making a reputation. If your website is slow, users will move on to some other websites, ultimately resulting in low traffic. A slow website will have a lower Search Engine ranking.

How can I make my website fast?

The major causes for a slow website are bulky images, too many JavaScript and CSS files, and large videos. There are plenty of online tools for image optimization. Your images should be as smaller as possible in size. My personal suggestion is to use the WEBP file format. Secondly, if your website has plenty of JavaScript and CSS files, that can’t be removed, try to minify them. A minified file becomes smaller in size comparatively.

Your website should have a good navigation

Your website should have a good structure of hyperlinks for the users to visit other pages of your website. No link should redirect a user to an inappropriate website or as I have said earlier, should not show inappropriate content.

If you are sure that your website complies with all these, you can now add your website to Google AdSense. Simply login to your AdSense account and add your website. Google will give you a JavaScript code which you need to place inside the <head>….</head> tags in every page of your website. If you have made your website with WordPress and you don’t know how to add the JavaScript code, you can use a plugin like code snippets.

After that you have to wait for a couple of days. Google will review your website to check if it complies with its policies. If everything goes well, Google will approve your request and you would be ready to display Google Ads on your website.

Once your request has been approved, you will see a ‘Download ads.txt’ option in your Google AdSense account. Place this file inside the root directory of your website. Wait for some time, and after that you would see random ads displaying on your website.

You can also customize where to show ads on your website. Below the header, below the sidebar or anywhere else. You can find options to do so in your AdSense account.

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