C++ Installation

To start programming in C++, you must have a compiler installed in your system.

What is a Compiler?

A compiler is a computer program or a software which converts source code written in a programming language to the  machine language code. In general, a compiler converts your code into a form that your computer can understand.

There are different C++ compilers available for different operating systems. You can choose any of them.

For Windows Operating System –

  • Turbo C++
  • CodeBlocks
  • Borland C++
  • Microsoft Visual C++
  • MinGW

For Mac Operating System –

  • Apple XCode

For Linux Operating System –

  • g++

You must have at least one compiler installed before you start to learn C++.

Note: If you are not wishing to install a compiler or if you have any trouble with installing one, you can use an online compiler as well. These compilers need not to be installed and can be used anytime. For that, you can visit https://www.onlinegdb.com/online_c++_compiler or https://www.tutorialspoint.com/compile_cpp_online.php

Compiler installation on windows –

  • You can download and install a trial version of Visual Studio.
  • You can download and install MinGW from http://www.mingw.org
  • CodeBlocks is another better choice as a C++ compiler.
  • You can download and install Dev C++ IDE.

Compiler installation on UNIX/Linux –

  • If you are using UNIX/Linux operating system, then your system would probably have the compiler called GCC. If its not there, you can download it from gcc.gnu.org/install

C++ compiler installation on MAC –

Note : Most of the compilers for C and C++ comes as a single package that serves both the languages.

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