Funny and Interesting Facts about Programming

Computer Programming is a an interesting field. It may seems to be difficult but once you start to grab the concepts, you will enjoy it. Here are some funny and interesting facts about programming that will simply make you amazed!

  • There are more than 700 programming languages.
  • The first computer game was created back in 1961. The name of the game was ‘Space War’. Steve Russel along with his team spend around 200 hours making the first version of the game. The game didn’t earn any money.
  • The first computer programmer was a lady named ‘Ada Lovelace’. She was basically a mathematician.
  • The first computer virus was created in 1982 by a 15-year-old kid.
  • Our Smartphones run on more complex code than NASA’s computers work on in 1969.
  • Believe it or not, but almost everything that is powered by electricity has coding behind it!
  • The first programming language was FORTRAN (Short for FORmula TRANslation). It is a general-purpose programming language especially suited to numeric and scientific computations.
  • A computer understands everything in the form of 0’s and 1’s. For example, the word ‘hello‘ is understood by a computer something like 0110100001100101011011000110110001101111. It is known as the binary language, and it is a one of the types of programming languages that the computer can understand directly(without the need of any language processor).
  • In the future, learning how to code would be as common as basic literacy!
  • If you learn to code, it will improve your analytical thinking ability, problem-solving skills, and ability to make quick decisions.
  • The first computer did not use electricity!
  • If you learn one programming language, it would be much easier to learn the other ones on your own.
  • The language is named ‘C‘ just because it succeeded another programming language named ‘B’!
  • The language Python was not named after the snake ‘Python’.
  • Over 70% of the programming jobs are not in the fields of technology. Rather they are in the fields like medical, banks, Finance, etc.
  • The gaming industry is worth 30 billion dollars more than the film industry!
  • A programmer is always a coder, but a coder may not be a programmer!
  • PHP was not meant to be a programming language. Its founder, Rasmus Lerdorf created it just to manage his web pages!
  • People who create malware to commit cybercrimes are known as Black Hat Hackers while those who write programs to protect against malware are known as ‘White Hat Hackers’.
  • A computer bug is a part of the code that makes the program wrong. However, the first computer bug was an actual bug! In 1947, Admiral Grace Hopper of the US Navy observed that something was hindering the computer’s operation. He found a moth stuck in the relay of his computer!
  • The first computer virus was not meant to be harmful!
  • There is an esoteric programming language(essentially a compiler language) called ‘INTERCAL’ which has predefined keywords like PLEASE , FORGET, IGNORE etc. If the programmer doesn’t uses PLEASE enough times while coding, the compiler would reject the code!

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