Constants in C

Opposite to variables, constants are those values that do not change throughout the execution of the program. They are also called literals. Like variables, a constant can be of any data type like integer, float, or string. Note: Constants should be declared using upper case names so that they can be distinguished …

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C Data Types

A data type in c specifies the type of value that a variable can store for example integer, character, or float. Each data type requires a specific amount of memory. Data types in C are defined under three categories Primitive or primary Derived User defined Primitive Data Types – The …

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Python Booleans

A boolean value in computer science is a datatype which can have one of the two values ‘true’ or ‘false’ which represents the truth values of logics. In python, the boolean values are written as ‘true’ and ‘false’ (considering the case sensitivity of t and f). When we evaluate any expression, …

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